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We are providing you with all the services which you are looking for. No matter if you want to enjoy a Morning safari or evening safari desert with BBQ dinner. We are providing some spectacular services which would provide you a thrilling experience of enjoying camel rides in red dunes.

Extreme Dunes General Terms of Use

Contract and Booking

Every single terma and conidtion mentioned below are mandatory and are functional to all services which Extreme Dunesis offering, and none of them can be changed unless there is something new mentioned on the service page itself.

How Exactly the Website Operate?

Our “Customer” is known as the individual whose name is mentioned on the reservation list to foldaway with us whereas a “Product” is any facility which Extreme DunesTravels & Tourism L.L.C. is offering to its consumers. All customers are obliged to read, understand, and accept all the booking terms and conditions. For confirming a booking, the agent is supposed to disclose all the payments processes as well. Once we have confirmed your booking, a contract between the consumer and Extreme Duneswill be made in writing, and we will also issue a validation.  The individual passing the reservation form assures that they would have complete authority and have understood all the contract conditions, and this is just valid for the person whose name appears on the form. No staffs or legislatures of the company have any kind of riht to vary or alter these rapports and conditions.

Who Operates the Website?

The website is operating between two sections:

Section A: Activities, Tours, Transfers and all the services the company is offerin would be avialble in the section. You can enjoy the services like Morning Safari, Morning Safari Desert with Camel Ride and much more.

Section B: This section would comprise all the holiday packages with some evening offers as well. This section also allows the consumers to send any inquiry in the mail or directly call the office.

If you want to contact the company then  you can do it by e-mailing us at extremedune.com or by phone using the number: +971562112765

Fares and Arrangements

All the consumers need to understand that some land arrangements and fares need to be remunerated in full at the time of reservation, and they also transmit a refund of full payment on cancellation. In such cases, all the consumers would be informed at the exact time of reservation. Every determination would be made to settle your request, and it’s important to note that all the travel preparations are not long-established unless you obtain the E-confirmation.


You will be asked to pay your dues through a credit card, which would be charged upon reservation. In any case, if the earner is not accepting your reservation, the amount charged would be accredited back.

For making any bookings and getting any authorization with the E-Voucher, imbursement deposit would be don as per the provided conditions and plans which match your respective service or invention. It is highly suggested that you settle the required imbursement as soon as you select the favored activities, trips, and posts offered by the company.

Option 1 – Tours/ Activities/ Grounds Handling Services – Online Product

You need to know that appropriate access to abd utilziarion of service is inured on your acceptance with the compliance with the privacy policy of company. You also have to represent that you are over the age of 18 years old as the firm does not allow those who are under 18 to utilize any of their service.

Payment Online Requirements

The company is not providing any services to any OFAC sanctioned republics in acquiescence with U.A.E law.

We are just accepting payments online utilizing MasterCard or VISA in U.A.E. Dirhams and USD Dollars.

Bank Details

C/O Asghar Ali Shah Kazmi


P O BOX 1166



MOBILE NO. 971562112765 NO. 971562112765


CID: 12056199 ACCOUNT NO: 12056199920001

IBAN: AE540030012056199920001

Tourism Dirhams

For Dubai Hotel Lodging, please understand that for any type of services which you would be using can be utilized through the “Tourism Dirham Fees” structure would be applied.

Changes of these General Terms of Business

The Rapports of business are subjected not to alterwithout any announcement. The terms and conditions which are legal at the time of each reservation would apply. The client can never claim that upcoming reservations would be finished under the already existing circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

The company reserve the right to cancel when it comes to cancelling any confirmed reservations under some conditions; somehow, Extreme Duneswould not cancel any Certain Departure Product except in some unusual conditions. The compensation is not available if the company would be forced to cancel the booking.

If the consumer is canceling the movement, the annulment procedure on the Extreme Dunes

 Voucher would be commanding.

Up to 3 or 4 days before the beginning of the tour, a full refund would be made.


Extreme Dunes has all the rights to refuse the entry or reject the consumer from any movement if they are not meeting the suitability requirements.

Other Conditions

For the maximum extent allowed by the law, the company is not responsible for any damage, loss, or accident that you may suffer while performing the activities. All the consumers are counselled to carry inclusive travel and health assurance as well.

Amendments and Cancellations by Clients

The customers who wish to cancel the booking must inform the company in inscription and sign the lead passenger on the booking form. The annulment would impact the date when the company receives the cancellation request, and the following annulment charges would be applied.

Minimum cancellation fee after receiving the booking confirmation:

  • Up to 14 days: You have to pay according to terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.


Copyright Policy

Only Extreme Dunes is the legal copyright holder of all multimedia, written, and graphic material on the intended website, and it may not be reprinted, used, published, or modified without the company’s written consent. A link to www.Extremedunes.com would appear in all copies of any content or artwork comprising press releases, articles, and other activities. Some other contributors and guest bloggers to Extreme Dunes are accountable for their own submitted material on this website, and they have to ensure their work complies with relevant national and foreign gravitational laws.

Hold Harmless and Activities not allowed

All the data and information provided on www.Extremedunes.com is for entertainment purposes and general information only. Under no circumstances, the company would be liable for any damage and loss comprising without consequential damage and loss or any loss arising from the loss of data or profits arising out of connection with the use of this website. All the activities related to camel riding and bike riding are prohibited for pregnant women and kids under the age of 12, and if someone would do these activities on their own, then the company won’t be responsible for any loss.

Refund Policy

The reimbursement would be made within 30 working days by accepting the exact card which was used. If the credit card expense were not made before using the reserved product, this would be considered a booking cancellation. No refund will be provided if the ticket is partially used.