Ever experienced the overwhelmed fun of a desert safari in the boundless desert of Dubai? An hour exciting drive will help you fly through Lahbab Desert providing you with an exhilarating chance to ride Raptor 700CC. Enjoy the enlightenment of speeding over among the piled-up dunes of Dubai. You can also venture into the thrilling adventures of dune bashing and let your adrenaline rush with exciting sandboarding.

About Quad Raptor 700CC:

Raptor 700cc is a wonderful combination of unique style, maddening speed, and modern chassis. It is something astoundingly adventurous that will make the experience of dune bashing worthwhile for you and your loved ones.

Enjoy camp activities to their fullest! :

We are surely going to give you a red carpet welcome on your prestigious arrival at the camp. From serving the luscious Arabic Coffee to presenting you scrumptious sweets and dates, we will leave no stone unturned to give you a warm and hospitable welcome. You can enjoy the following mind-blowing fun activities at our camp.

Rumble across the desert & have fun!:

Have a ride on Raptor 700CC and feel yourself flying through the open desert. Experience the venturesome rumbling among the red desert and witness the wildlife thriving in the boundless desert. Feast your eyes on the stunning views of Arabian deserts and take spectacular photographs of the enchanting sceneries.

  • Have a camel ride and witness the vastness of the red desert in its utmost glory.
  • Freeze the time of these cherished moments in your camera in the spectacular desert.
  • Inebriate yourself in the mythical euphoria of shisha.
  • Let your hands be engraved with enchanting henna designs.
  • Have an Arab makeover and feel the cultural essence of Dubai more closely and take amazing photographs.

We are here to quench the thirst of your electrifying adventures:

Have an astounding experience with our Raptor quad bikes in the red velvety sand. Cherish some of the most joyous and venturesome moments of your life with us. Race with your loved ones and friends and make this journey something to cherish for a lifetime. You can witness the amazing beauty of the desert at dusky twilights and capture the astonishing beauty of desert landscapes in your camera.

Enjoy the live amusement of dance and desert shows:

Feeling a bit irksome? We got a bunch of wonderful entertainment sources for you. Witness the amazing ‘Tanoura Dance’ and refresh yourself with the enthralling moves of

‘Ladies Khaliji Dance’.

Have a scrumptious dinner with us!:

We are all furnished to sate your appetite with a steaming and savory BBQ Buffet. Join us for the appetizing lunch while gazing at the spectacular lights gleaming in the vast darkness of the desert.

Explore the wonders of desert terrain:

We are providing you with the tremendous chance of unleashing the marvels of desert terrain. You can witness these marvels under the compassionate guidance of our courteous convoy and supportive safari leader. You can experience such a wild and thrill-packed ride beyond your imagination with us.

Challenge your potential on Raptor 700CC:

Are you a speeding freak? We are giving a flabbergasting opportunity to all our riders to challenge their talent and potential with our powerful and high-speed Raptor 700CC.

Worrying about the timing? Just don’t!:

If you are fond of dune buggy tours but you are having timing issues, we are here to offer you the best solutions. We are providing you with the amazing morning and afternoon Raptor 700cc tours for your convenience. And not only this, we offer you pick and drop services and the standard of all of our services is highly personified.

Choose your riding hours according to your convenience:

Are you having an important meeting or have to finish off some urgent task? But you cannot give up on your passion for maddeningly speedy Raptor vehicles. You just do not need to worry about this. We are offering you this thrilling experience for the minimum to maximum time durations.

Having plenty of time? Quench your thirst for this adventurous journey and rumble across the dunes on Raptor 700cc for two hours straight. You can pick 30 minutes to ride as well if you are in rush.

What’s the need to give it a second thought? Taking out a minimum of 30 minutes from your busy schedule is no big deal. Let’s explore the marvelous dessert with us.

Worrying over your safety concerns? We have got the solution:

You just do not need to get worrisome over your safety matters. We have got highly professional and experienced guiding team that will help make your journey secure and easy. Our Raptor model vehicles are immensely safe and better-maintained. You are surely going to have an amazing experience with our Raptor 700CC.

Don’t let pandemic restrict your joys:

Are you worrying over the safety precautions of Covid-19 and restricting your travel activities? Just don’t. We assure everything to be neat, clean and, sanitized. We have undertaken the following Covid-19 precautionary measures for our visitors and riders:

Appropriate distance is maintained between all the visitors.

A reduction in the number of visitors has been carried out to avoid congregations.

Our Raptor 700CC vehicles are thoroughly sanitized after every turn of a visitor’s ride.

The face mask has been considered mandatory for all visitors.

We provide well-cooked and clean food according to standard hygiene.

We’ll help you drop at  your hotel:

After you would have experienced the thrilling journey of Raptor 700CC and cherished other camp activities, we will drop you at your residence or hotel. Our vehicles are comfy and make your way easy and delightful back to your destination.

Do not wait for anything. Making your booking and get ready to experience the worth-cherishing moments with our Raptor 700cc tours and feel your adrenaline rushing through your veins.

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