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Visit Dubai and experience an unforgettable safari along with a luxury stay, lavish meals, BBQ dinner and entertainment zone. Choose from wide ranges of safaris. Don’t let the action stop. GET-SET-GO!

Sunset Camel Trekking With BBQ Dinner
Sunset Camel Trekking
With BBQ Dinner
Evening Desert Safari With Quad Bike
Evening Desert Safari With
Quad Bike
Morning Quad Bike Tour & Camel Safari
Morning Quad Bike Tour & Camel Safari
Morning Safari with Quad Bike
Morning Safari with
Quad Bike
Morning Safari
Morning Safari

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If you are thinking about getting a fascinating experience at desert Dubai Safari, then you’re at the right spot.

We are providing you all the thrilling experiences of enjoying camel rides and red dunes.

You can have your destination tour with us.

Camel ride

Quad bike*

Dune bashing


Unlimited Drinks

Day/Night Safari

We Are Extreme Dune

You would never want to miss a chance of enjoying quad biking while you are on a morning safari. One of the best experiences that an individual can have in his/her entire life is enjoying quad biking with the morning view, which can be the fascinating experience of your life. If you are a morning lover or a biking freak, then a morning desert safari with quad biking would serve as a spectacular experience for you and your loved ones. If you don’t know how to ride a quad bike, you don’t need to worry. Our company has a team of professionals and experts who would help you in learning everything from scratch.

    • Morning and Evening time
    • The facility of pick and drop
    • Refreshment foods like water, tea, coffee, soft drink
    • Riding for 15 minutes
Morning Safari with Quad Bike

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The best news is our quad bikes are very easy to ride, and it would not take much time for you to learn about them. You will have a very comfortable and wonderful experience. This Quad Biking experience will help you in fulfilling your biking craving if it has not been sated. You have to pay some additional charges for witnessing the beauty of the red desert with the most exceptional and captivating morning views. So, you have to confirm your bookings, and you can easily enjoy and explore the marvels of deserts with Quad Biking. You can enjoy all the engaging desert activities as you will not just get a chance to cherish the charms of the cool morning, but instead, you would also have a very wonderful time while doing those activities.

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